Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We suffered no further distress from the weather last night. It's most frustrating that we had suffered at all. This sort of winter weather is meant to happen up north, not down here. 

Anyway things should have been back to normal this morning as I headed up to Worcester. When I arrived I powered the jalopy into the car park only to find that my parking space had been blocked off by builders who had started to refurbish some of the offices. No "by your leave", or "do you mind if" - just completely blocked. I thought I'd remonstrate with them, but they must have been sitting around drinking tea somewhere, as there was nobody around.

I was almost speechless when I arrived in my office (which I share with a few of the staff) - one young turk had the effrontery to be ensconced at my desk. This is really too much. I will ensure that his team leader is informed and that suitable retribution is exacted.

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