Thursday, February 19, 2009

I heard, with mounting dismay, about the incident in the North Sea where the helicopter plunged into the sea on its approach to an oil platform. Information was sketchy at first, and though it was apparent that nobody was hurt, it is still unsettling. 

The platform in question was owned by my cousin Olaf in Norway and his refined products are made available to us at a very competitive rate (we don't discuss this generally as the Chancellor gets nosey). The Oyall family are well know in and around Oslo because of the extent of their off-shore drilling interests. The media refers to Olaf as the North Sea Oyall and they tend to hound him because he's a bit odd looking (huge thyrotoxic pop eyes) and does have some eccentric habits. Though a bit wimpy he enjoys letting his hair down and getting a bit bluto'd, he likes cross-dressing and getting stoned - so much for Olaf Oyall.

I was pleased that oil turned out well in the end.

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