Thursday, February 12, 2009

After a hard day in the office yesterday, I decided to take up the offer of an evening meal with the staff. Unfortunately arrived about 20 minutes late after severe difficulty parking the new jalopy. I had forgotton how hard parallel parking is. The parking valet or Fellows normally handles this sort of thing, and despite ordering some elderly ladies out of the way in their dinky car, I still struggled.

I'd almost given up when the driver of the car in front returned, packed his tiny shopping bags (on his own!) in the boot and promptly left. Obviously I eased the car in to the spaces and parked right in the middle. At least this should keep it safe from the riff raff.

The meal was a reasonably pleasureable affair, and the staff found time to amuse themselves by hiding one of the team's wallets whilst he was in the gentleman's convenience.

After the meal, allowed the staff to procure me a beverage or two in the "Cardinals Hat", which I'm sure makes them feel good about themselves.

Today has been another long drawn out series of meetings and teleconferences. I cannot understand why people invite me to these things if they have their own idea's about things. I have always said if I wanted their opionion I would give them it.

Looking forward to returning from the shires tonight as Dawkins has promised spotted dick.

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