Thursday, February 5, 2009

I developed a strategem for last night's pie night. In order not to stand out (too much) from the staff I brought my pies myself rather than having them carried for me. I wrapped them in a plastic bag from a supermarket (whatever that is) and then camouflaged the individual comestibles in Mr Kipling's boxes so that they would not attract too much attention and I could help myself to the fine F&M pies at will. As for the other pies, the staff seemed to enjoy them but as far as I was concerned it was a case of Purgamentum init, exit purgamentum and I steered well clear.

A great deal of hilarity permeated the hostelry throughout the evening, but one has standards so I ensured that modicum of decorum was mainatined in the area where I was sitting. A number of gentlemanly challenges were thrown like gauntlets and I had to act as second to a gentleman acquaintance of mine.

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