Friday, October 31, 2008


Can't beat a fine claret with some cheese for a light lunch.

Decided to take a wander down to the lower hundred. The beaters had been complaining about the boggy conditions. Fellows tagged behind along with the hamper. Beaters were right. Much too boggy - could damage the birds. Problem is a blocked culvert near the west corner; some damned oik has thrown some sort of wire trolley in the stream and it's been blocked by leaves. Tried to call Osbourne, but no signal on the mobile in this part of the grounds.

Broke open the hamper for some light victuals. Fellows is hovering around hoping for left-overs. Some chance, eh?


Finally back in circulation having spent the last 2 days in the library wing with only a jug of Pimms for company, swatting for last night's little test. It's like being back at school, without the beatings (how I miss those days). Fellows is complaining about having to replace the books I've used. I've no idea why I employ him Pater would not have stood for his insolence, but he's been with me now since that rugger tour back in the 80's (still not quite sure where he came from - one minute we were horsing around with some young fillies and a lot of beer and the next moment he was following us around and helping sort things out).

Taking breakfast in the orangery with the Memsahib. Will expect to be waited on hand and foot (as I damn well should be!) as the little grey cells feel somewhat overused this morning. Some kedgeree and kidneys should kick-start the day.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Salt of the Earth

Just spoke to Osbourne - salt of the earth. Damn fine chap considering he went to a comprehensive.

He's going round to check on the deer fence and will fix it if necessary. Asked if he could provide any other "precautions" but he said that after the nasty business in summer with the piranha in the lower lake and the missing teenagers he needed to be a little cautious.


Hmmm. I hear from the Memsahib (damned clever things these mobile phones) that we've had a few problems with locals foraging for firewood down in the small copse by the gatehouse. Probably means they've cust a hole in the deer fence again. I'm surprised Arabella didn't see them from her room in the south tower, but maybe she was talking with Nanny.

Damn shame you can't set the dogs on them really. I'll have a word with Squiffy Senior the local Magistrate, see if he'll help out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting Started

Damn these computers. I should never have let the estate manager go. Have to keep the records myself now.

Have left the Memsahib back in Surrey to keep an eye on the servants and the heirs (Tarquin, Persephone, and Arabella). Took the old jalopy up to the midlands this week. Good time of year for travel - cold and bright. Purdey's in the back in case I see any decent pheasants.