Saturday, March 7, 2009

Seems strange living in this sub-Arctic twilight. It must be what its like living in Manchester or points north.

Strange evening yesterday. We sat around waiting for the Northern Lights, but they never showed up. (You just can't trust these tribute acts). Fortunately my mobile telephone's ringtone of "Sweet Home Alabama" kept me amused for a while.

Then there was general ripple of activity in the restaurant - surely not excitement from yet another way to serve reindeer meat? No. Indeed, everyone was putting on their cold weather gear and heading outside. There before us was a truly astonishing sight. 

The Arora Borealis provided a curtain of coruscating lights in greens and reds stretching from the horizon high into the sky. It was stupendous and somewhat eerie. As you know, we are famous for our firework displays - but they could not compete with this (I shall be discussing this fact with Fellows, on my return), except for one aspect - sound. The Arora Borealis played out its display in total silence broken only by the "oohs" and "aahs" of the audience and the occasional popping of expelled gas that had resulted from the reindeer feast. It was a "lumiere sans son".

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