Friday, March 6, 2009

Did you know that Bentley do not make a snowmobile?

I demanded the best available as befits a distant cousin of Carl Gustaf. After much debate they brought a Yamaha. It reminded me of my motor cycle nestling in the stable block back at home. The Memsahib didn't look at all sure. There was no cocktail cabinet, no makeup mirror, no heated seats, and no CD changer. When it was fired up it sounded like one of Osborne's chain saws.

Notwithstanding the quality we headed out across the ice fields - chasing the few hours of daylight. We stoppoed at a reindeer farm for lunch. The menu comprised Reindeer - in steaks, in stews, in burgers, or in sausages. The drinks menu was equally limited. How many ways can you server reindeer milk?

Back on the snowmobiles the safari was scheduled to help the farmer herding wild reindeer across a lake. I am not sure why that should be considered a tourist attraction - that's what I have labourers for.

Finally, back at the "hotel" we decided that a sauna would be a fine way to warm up and prepare for the evening. I have been told that we can expect the Northen Lights this evening. The Memsahib seems particularly excited by the prospect. I am a bit dubious, I think that once you have seen one of these tribute bands you've seen them all... and I am a firm fan of Cardinal Sin and the Bum Notes and don't really wish to sit through an evening of northern soul.

Whilst we are here, there is one thing that I know the Memsahib would like to see. I phoned Clarence and asked that he see to it that the Arora Borealis put in an appearance at about 10pm. That will be just perfect. Clarence seemed a little nonplussed, but muttered that he would see what could be done.

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